Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compiance

Guiding You Every Step of The Way

Recreational marijuana is now legal in California, Oregon, and Nevada. In South Carolina, it is legal to grow hemp crops under .03 THC concentration. In North Carolina, hemp and marijuana production continue to move toward legalization. The cannabis industry is booming, and it’s a great time to join and start a small business. However, each of these states present unique regulations and requirements to legally operate a cannabis growing or dispensing enterprise. Martina L Jaccarino, Esq. is is a Nevada-based cannabis and hemp business compliance lawyer who can guide clients through the numerous laws that complicate the marijuana business process and ensure full compliance.

From the type of pesticides used on a hemp crop to proper transportation of marijuana products, every small aspect of cannabis production has been regulated. These rules were developed to ensure consumer safety and honest business practices. Martina L. Jaccarino is a cannabis and hemp business compliance lawyer serving clients in Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, California, and Oregon, helping them navigate the numerous local and federal agencies that oversee these regulations.

Ms. Jaccarino understands that all growing cannabis, marijuana, and hemp businesses want to comply with the rules, but it can be so easy to unknowingly skip a step or incorrectly complete a process. By conducting a complete risk assessment of a hemp or marijuana business in California, Oregon, Nevada, North Carolina, and South Carolina, Ms. Jaccarino sees potential trouble before it even occurs. She will then help businesses owners take action and eliminate the potential issue.

To learn more about Ms. Jaccarino’s extensive knowledge of marijuana and hemp law, read her work in Marijuana and Cannabis Vegas or reach out with a phone call at (702) 940-2364.