Licensing and Permits

Licensing and Permits

Guiding You Every Step of The Way

Setting up a business in the marijuana industry isn’t as simple as renting a space and filing with the local secretary of state. Each state has set up strict guidelines around receiving permission to run a cannabis operation. As a marijuana dispensary licensing attorney for Nevada, California, Oregon, North Carolina, and South Carolina, Martina Jaccarino guides clients through all of the necessary paperwork and applications to ensure a smooth formation. Ms. Jaccarino has worked in commercial law for more than 20 years and understands the extreme importance of correctly filing registration, permits, and licensing.

The states of Nevada, California, Oregon, North Carolina, and South Carolina each use a different approach to regulating and dispensing licenses for cannabis businesses. Martina Jaccarino is licensed to represent clients in all of these states and is proud to help small businesses undergo a straightforward marijuana licensing process. Whether the business is a fledgling cannabis supplier, a new recreational dispensary, or a medical dispensary, The Jaccarino Law Firm will help owners navigate the countless permits and documents required to start and maintain a marijuana business.

Businesses that recognize the daunting regulations in the cannabis industry understand that the most practical decision is hiring a marijuana lawyer who can prevent turmoil and discord with the law. Martina Jaccarino is dedicated to help local marijuana businesses in California, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina, and North Carolina successfully obtain every necessary permit and license to operate. Call now to learn more about Ms. Jaccarino’s services at (702) 940-2364.