Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

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It’s unfortunate that cannabis production and distribution are such political topics, but that’s the reality of operating these businesses. Some cities in California and other states have taken politics to the next level by keeping local marijuana dispensaries from operating, citing nuisance or illegal operation laws. This harassment in states where marijuana has been legalized is not fair to consumers or businesses. Martina L. Jaccarino is a marijuana business attorney who represents clients in civil litigation cases around cannabis cultivation operations and marijuana dispensaries in California, Oregon, Nevada, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

When cities file civil lawsuits against marijuana or hemp collectives in these five states, Martina L. Jaccarino, Esq. can represent small businesses and ensure their rights. Ms. Jaccarino can also consult with doctors and patients who require access to marijuana for a medical purpose. The attempt to shut down a cannabis business is often politically driven and unconstitutional. The legalization of hemp or marijuana production and distribution has been clearly defined by strict regulations. If a business is complying with all of these laws, there is no reason to stop operations, but there is reason to call a marijuana business attorney to aid you.

Cannabis businesses affected by civil marijuana litigation should not delay in calling The Jaccarino Law Firm for a medical marijuana business attorney in Nevada, California, Oregon, South Carolina, or North Carolina. They often have only 30 days to respond to a shutdown attempt or complaint. To receive consultation from an experienced marijuana lawyer, call Ms. Jaccarino at (702) 940-2364.