Business Formation

Business Formation

Guiding You Every Step of The Way

The decision to start a cannabis business is a bold one. Martina L. Jaccarino, Esq. respects your choice to enrich a local community and experience the rewards and challenges of owning a small business. That’s why the Jaccarino Law Firm provides customized marijuana business formation services in Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina, North Carolina, and California. The firm is here as a resource through every step of the business development process, from a fledgling idea to opening a storefront. With assistance from Martina as your marijuana dispensary lawyer, your cannabis business will meet every opportunity to thrive and establish long-term growth.

The Process

By consulting with Ms. Jaccarino for California, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Oregon marijuana business formation, clients can feel confident in their decision-making. Every choice during formation may result in future ramifications, which is why it’s crucial to receive advice every step of the way from a marijuana dispensary lawyer. Ms. Jaccarino can provide advice for the following decisions, as well as many others:

Entity Selection:

Which business type best fits the operation? Ms. Jaccarino will present the pros and cons of running a corporation, cooperative partnership, or LLC.


As your marijuana dispensary lawyer, Ms. Jaccarino will ensure that all paperwork filed with governing bodies is accurate and in line with local regulations. This piece of the process also includes obtaining proper permits and licensing.
Incorporation documents: Legal assistance from Ms. Jaccarino ensures that every documented piece of formation is in order, from bylaws to employment agreements to operating agreements.

To get through the formation of a marijuana business in California, Oregon, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Nevada, clients should reach out to The Jaccarino Law Firm! (702) 940-2364.